Possessing a number of minority identities, Chrissy has a nuanced, personal understanding and experience of the challenges that life presents and this is something which has been an important factor in shaping her therapeutic approach. As for many individuals she is appreciative of how ‘coming out’ is often a lifelong process and is well aware of the role that shame plays, both internally preventing one’s own acceptance and embracing of identities and opportunities to live one’s life to the fullest extent, and externally where one can not face the prospect of shaming, humiliating, abusive behaviour from family, friends, colleagues and strangers, which makes the world a dangerous, unsafe, lonely place to live in.

The professional and personal development that she has undergone through her own journey has emphasised the importance of providing an affirmative, non-judgemental, safe space for you to be able to engage with her in an open, trusting relationship and work to free yourself of the shame that impacts so deeply on you.

Working from a number of theoretical approaches you’ll find her drawing on whatever she senses best suits you to help you identify and proudly bring forward your own unique self. She’s therefore able to work with diverse sexualities and / or genders on a whole range of life issues whether they’re directly connected to their sexualities and /or genders or not.

She currently describes herself as trans femme with a unique sexuality and relationship profile .